There are tales of unlikely heroes, who come together in a time of need to accomplish great deeds through skill, circumstance, and plain dumb luck. These are some of their stories. These areā€¦

The Loudwater Chronicles

Player Characters:
Jason: Gnome warlock (Nym’Rin Leafchaser)
Jessi: Human cleric (Tavia Haldura)
Mark: Shifter druid (Thornclaw)
Eric: Eladrin warlord (Tanis)
Heather: Tiefling barbarian (Edge)
Raven: Eladrin sorcerer (Macros)
Rick: Human fighter (Jubal)
Becca: Gnome bard (Mags)
Ken: Drow ranger (Fryn)
Rachael: Elf sorcerer (Chaedi)
Jeff: Eladrin wizard – bladesinger. (Valerian)
Jon: Goliath warden (Markas Ironbone)
Ray: Half-orc Rogue (Keef)