The Loudwater Chronicles

Necronomicon Part II

The Quest to Save Ladawn

Keef, Mags, Edge, Marwyn, Fryn, and Chaedi were drinking and having a good time at the Green Tankard Tavern when Curuvar the wizard appeared beside their table. His friend, Ladon, had been overpowered by the Necronomicon, a dark and powerful book discovered by Keef and Thornclaw on a prior quest. Ladawn had been trying to neutralize the book’s power when she was overcome and possessed.

Before they knew what happened Curuvar transported them to a town that was overrun by the undead. Fryn attacked a zombie dog while Keef valiantly saved a townsperson from a horrible fate at the hands of a zombie. Edge took on another zombie dog with the help of Mags, and Chaedi and Marwyn joined the fray. Edge was severely injured by a large zombie, but Mags helped her take revenge and get a good few hits in. In the end, all zombies were defeated, and Edge grudgingly accepted the perky gnome’s friendship.

After Mags used her abilities to help the party heal, they spoke with the man Keef had saved. He asked them to help his daughter, Maggie, who was trapped in the town’s tavern. Fryn discovered two large zombies, known for exploding into acid upon defeat, and one zombie that could only be described as an abomination. Five lesser zombies were attempting to break through the windows, but it became clear that the tavern was being protected by magic.

Before they could decide on a course of action, Edge, Marwyn, and Keef were attacked by two flying creatures. Mags and Edge once again proved a formidable team. The party managed to defeat the monsters, even though Edge set one of the zombies on fire.

They approached the tavern and were met by a projection of Maggie. She assured them that the people inside were safe and asked them to find her love, Ladawn, and bring her back. Maggie gifted the party with two healing potions and instructed them to go to the cemetery, where they would find two crypts—one belonging to the Griffin family and one belonging to the Petoria family. In the Petoria tomb, they would find a silver potion to be poured over a crystal ball in the Griffin tomb, and that would reveal Ladawn’s location.

As expected, the party came across a number of skeletons and zombies in the cemetery. Fryn and Edge were swarmed, but Keef came to the rescue while Marwyn, Chaedi, and Mags fought with ranged attacks. Edge was knocked unconscious but saved by Marwyn, and the monsters were once again defeated.

However, a greater foe awaited them in the Petoria crypt. A shadowy figure, protected by two zombies and a skeleton, floated menacingly over a sepulcher. Mags tried to reason with the figure, but he and his minions attacked. Although he could generate new minions, the party defeated him and found a chest containing the silver potion and a healing potion. Fryn seemed to be struggling on this adventure, so the healing potion was given to him.

In the Griffin tomb, the party poured the potion over the crystal ball and were transported to a large grove, in the center of which stood Ladawn. Reasoning with their foe once again proved ineffective and a battle commenced. Edge was dazed during combat while Mags proved a valuable asset, and Keef dealt the final blow(s).

Although the party’s intent was to merely disable Ladawn and hopefully save her (as her death would sadden Curuvar and devastate her lover, Maggie), Keef was unable to control himself and brought her to a gory end.

The party found some valuable loot in the grove and packaged the book carefully into a bag before returning to the village. They told Maggie what had transpired, and she broke down, too emotionally traumatized to protect the village any longer. The party then returned to Loudwater, where they gave the book to Curuvar. Curuvar then embarked on his own quest to find someone powerful enough to handle the Necronomicon.



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