The Loudwater Chronicles

Menace Of The Icy Spire

The adventurers were called upon by Lady Moonfire to investigate a strange cold weather phenomenon coming from a tower near the Direwood. Valerian, Fryn, Edge, Tanis, Marwyn, Mags, Chaedi, and Jubal obtained healing potions and warm clothes in preparation.

While at the general store, Tanis and Marwyn inquired about Calla’s stock boy Raumandar, who was clearly injured, but neither Calla nor her employee were willing to say what had happened.

On their way to the tower, everyone agreed to stop and speak with the wizard, Curuvar. He believed the tower must be the cause of the unnaturally cold weather and alluded that it probably had to do with fey magic. He offered to pay for anything the party found during their trip that might be of use to him.

As the party approached the albino trees of the Direwood, it became apparent the weather was coming from nearby. A strange fog seemed to surround the wood, and the party was thrust into a blizzard. Everyone worked together—except Jubal—to get through the storm alive and intact. Tanis and Chaedi kept spirits high, and Valerian attempted to climb a tree and see ahead. Jubal, Valerian, and Edge had a tough time of it, but in the end everyone survived.

As the storm cleared, the party was able to see the tower across rough, frozen terrain. Goblins and a shaman stood in their way. Edge and Jubal used brute strength to destroy some of the goblins, while Valerian and Tanis used fey magic to take on the necromancer. Mags viciously mocked several goblins to death and Fryn, Marwyn, and Chaedi held their own. The party survived the encounter and managed to snag some loot.

After the battle, they arrived at the ornate tower, which was covered in a thick sheet of ice and guarded by several demon frog statues. Valerian checked for traps, and upon finding none, he and Jubal began chipping away at the ice blocking the front door. While they worked on that, Marwyn decided to inspect the frog statues and discovered they weren’t all what they seemed.

Some of the fighters poked and prodded the statues, hoping to discover their secrets, but it wasn’t until the door was unlocked that some of the mysterious statues, as well as a gargoyle-type figure above, came to life and attacked. Edge, Fryn, and Jubal managed to kill three of the lesser beasts while Valerian killed the flying monster with Tanis’s encouragement. All fought valiantly and in the end were triumphant. The adventurers entered the tower.

The first floor appeared to be void of life. The party explored, finding pickled tentacles but little else of interest. Chaedi sensed something strange about the fireplaces, but it wasn’t until Valerian decided to explore the second floor they realized just what the fireplaces were—portals. Mags, Valerian, and Edge took on three bad guys on the second floor while the rest of the party began fending off minions coming through the portals. Valerian and Chaedi used their arcane abilities to close the portals one by one, while Jubal attempted to close them with brute strength.

After they closed the portals and defeated their enemies, the group found some loot and continued exploring. They gathered some books and potions for the wizard. On the third floor, Fryn was burned by a fire trap while trying to search an empty desk, and the group found a secret room containing Draigdurroch’s journal. It became apparent from his entries that he became involved with a demi-god, despite the warning of a fey emissary, and presumably died.

On the fourth floor, the group made the most shocking discovery of all—a frost gem engraved with runes. It had to be the cause of Loudwater’s troubles. Valerian attempted to rub the carvings off of the stone, hoping to save the gem while ridding it of its power, but he only succeeded in waking a frost giant. The frost giant was the most challenging of the enemies they’d encountered so far, laying several of the adventurers on the ground with a single attack. However, Chaedi, Tanis, and Valerian dealt the giant much damage in return, resulting in his defeat and the collapse of the tower. The gem was lost.

The quest was successful, and the adventurers traveled back to town. Nature seemed to be righting itself. They encountered no blizzards, and the chill in the air seemed less foreboding. The party reported back to Lady Moonfire, who rewarded them with gold, and to the wizard, who bought several items from them and thanked them for their information.

He was not, however, interested in the pickled tentacles.



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