The Loudwater Chronicles

The Loudwater Irregulars

One of the downsides of being a recruiter for the Harpers was that occasionally people would seek you out who had grand ideas of being an “Adventurer”. Very few were actually suited for a life of traveling mercenary work, let alone cut out to be Harpers. Curuvar the wizard had a feeling he was now looking at just such a group of underachievers.

They were arranged in his parlor in a semicircle around him, all rapt expressions and eager demeanors. Curuvar figured most of them would be dead within a day. Nearby, the tiefling barbarian Edge stood, silently examining her nails, as if she was afraid looking any of these “heroes” in the eye would somehow jinx her too.

There was Xannon, the self-described monk. Pasty and thin; Curuvar wondered if he was simply a fighter too poor to afford armor. Rojan did describe himself as a fighter. He was certainly large enough and looked the part in his chain mail, but he didn’t strike the wizard as being especially graceful, or that intelligent really. He did claim to have attended ‘Fighter College’, whatever that meant.

Dorne fancied himself a druid; Curuvar wondered if he simply had an aversion to bathing. And Brecken claimed to be a spellcaster of great talent. There was an air of arcane power about the girl; he looked forward to hearing Edge’s report. Assuming, that is, that they survived.

Finally, with an internal sign that the wizard hoped had not been audible, Curuvar described the mission the group would undertake. “The sewer system of Loudwater ties into a much older system designed and built by peoples unknown. It has served the city well for hundreds of years. Lately, however, there are reports of trouble. The system seems to be failing, and those sent to investigate are either repelled by creatures inhabiting the sewers, or don’t return at all.

“I’m sending you lot to investigate, accompanied by Edge here. She is a valiant fighter, well trained, and she will be in command of the mission. Do as she says, and I’m sure you will be successful.” Edge’s dubious expression mirrored Curuvar’s feelings.

They left shortly thereafter. Edge led them to the sewer access, where they formed up in a rough battle line and entered. The stonework passageway led to a square chamber about 30’ across. In the center was a pool of murky, filthy water. When the party entered the room, two large crocodiles leapt from the pool and attacked!

After some initial flailing around, the party began to hit, driving the creatures back before finally killing them. They caught their breath, then moved on through several empty chambers. In one of them they found a sack full of copper coins, and traded theories on how it came to be there as they continued through the sewers.

Further wandering led them to a room full of serpents. Among the numerous small creatures were four larger, poisonous snakes. The party formed up in the doorway and let the creatures come to them. Dorne summoned a sphere of flame in the room and maneuvered it around to scorch the creatures while the fighters slashed at those who approached the doorway. In short order the creatures were dead and the party continued on.

A hole in a dead end hallway yielded two giant rats that were easily dispatched. The party had cleared the entire complex save for one hallway to the west. At the end of that hall they found a chamber with two other doors. A gang of four thugs had made the chamber their hideout, but were easily intimidated by Rojan and the rest of the party to leave peacefully.

After thoroughly searching the room, the party continued, taking the door to the west. It led to a small room with a suit of armor standing in its center. Around it, a group of goblins sat in rapt attention. As they watched, the armor rose off the floor and began to glow. Two of the goblins were slain before the others knew what was happening as the party charged the room. Rojan battled the remaining two goblins as the rest concentrated on the armor. Dorne cast a moonbeam spell and kept it focused on the armor as Xannon battered it with his quarterstaff. Finally, Brecken shot rays of fire at the armor, causing it to collapse into a heap on the floor.

The armor turned out to be magic platemail, which Rojan gratefully donned. The party also discovered Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, which none in the party save Edge had use for. They advanced to the final room and found a pack of giant rats, two goblins and two more of the mystical suits of armor. The party again held the doorway and whittled down the goblins and rats. The armors advanced, trying to push the party back, but the heroes resisted and eventually dropped the armors in quick succession.

These turned out to be only mundane armor, and in poor condition. Further investigation of the room revealed a huge rat’s nest that had been clogging the sewer. The party destroyed the nest (and the numerous miniature giant rats) before calling it a day and returning to Loudwater.

On the way back to town, Edge reflected on the team. They were scruffy and undisciplined, but they had all fought together and fought well. Perhaps there was hope after all for these new Heroes of Loudwater.



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