Human Caravan Guard


The first thing you notice about Jubal is his immense size. At six and a half feet tall and somewhere around 300 pounds, he is an imposing figure. The second thing you’ll notice once he gets closer is that he clearly considers bathing to be a luxury. (If someone were actually brave enough to ask about it, his response would be “Work to be done. Ain’t got time for a ‘bath’. Besides, I’ll just get bloody again.”) Jubal wears ill fitting and mismatched plate armor that looks like it only recently came in to his possession, perhaps against the wishes of it’s previous owners (if they were still alive to protest). He carriers a battered shield, a large dangerous looking hammer, and has a sword slung across his back. They may have been “acquired” as well, but you’d have to ask him. He’s bald and has numerous scars including an ugly one on his even uglier face.



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